3 techniques to grow your Instagram community

Many people tend to forget the community aspect of a social network. Publishing photos or videos is not enough to reach one million followers. It’s important to be social and build good relationships with your audience simply because if they don’t trust you, they’ll go elsewhere.

Good relationships on Instagram or the liking, commenting and following strategy.

The most natural way to grow organically and to gain followers is to like, comment, and follow other accounts. It is essential to build relationships while avoiding users whose following / followers ratio does not seem real (for example 4500 followers for 20 following because there is a chance this profile is a robot), and by keeping a small following / followers ratio.

There are three ways of engaging with existing communities. Interactions with other users (including those of competitors) increase visibility and encourage these people to come and look at your profile.

Note that each time you interact with a post, a notification / alert is sent to the person.

1/ Comments

Leaving a comment on other people’s posts is a great way to start a conversation. You can ask questions, invite to share an opinion etc. Be careful not to use a too commercial speech and not to send the same message to everyone at the risk of scaring off users. It is essential to be genuine.

2/ Like photos of your fans and other users

Target users who stand out from the crowd and like some of their photos to attract their curiosity. These users will naturally want to consult your profile and will be able to follow you back in return.

3/ Follow your competitors’ fans

Instagram allows you to see your competitors’ followers. This is a huge advantage and you should not hesitate to use it. Start by asking yourself: who are your biggest competitors on Instagram? Spot them and check out their posts to see who is commenting on them. Follow them and get engaged. When you subscribe to their account, they will receive a notification and will have the opportunity to look at your profile and follow you back.

To conclude: these 3 techniques are without doubt very efficient and you should repeat the process several times a day to quickly grow your community. You can also follow the 5/3/1 rule: like 5 photos, comment on 3 photos, and as a result you should earn 1 new follower!

Be active on Instagram, it’s the best way to be well-liked!

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